Amusements, Sports, Equine and Recreation Liability

The Sobel Pevzner, LLC. serves a wide variety of clients involved in amusements, sports and recreation, including theme parks, small carnivals and festivities, trade shows, and sporting events. In addition to providing constant updates on the development of state and federal operational and safety standards, the firm also keeps its clients current with the requirements for licensing, ADA compliance and employment practices.

The attorneys of the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. have, through years of representation in the amusement and recreation industries, developed a thorough understanding of the common law, statutory authorities, issues relating to immunity and the impact of releases all of which prove invaluable to our clients in this unique and challenging area of the law. Carriers specializing in the placement of coverage in this area also benefit greatly from the knowledge and defense strategies developed by the attorneys of the firm.

This practice group also encompasses the firm’s work in equine risk and defense involving both claims of personal injury and equine injury. Clients in the equine defense program range from large to small riding facilities, privately run and municipal riding academies, instructors and educators together with non-profit organizations which provide therapeutic riding services. For more than two decades, the firm’s attorneys and Curtis Sobel in particular has successfully defended equine risk cases frequently obtaining dismissal by summary judgment in favor of the equestrian facility based upon assumption of the risk doctrine.