Bad Faith, Coverage Issues and Fraud

Over the years, the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. has developed a strong platform to represent our clients in coverage and extra-contractual matters, such as the duty to defend, reservation of rights, statute of limitations, consent to settle, standing, bifurcation and severance of claims, policy interpretation and cancellation, and the right to counsel.

We also aggressively defend our clients against claims involving potential fraud and we assist in the investigation of such claims through the tracking of medical and legal professionals that routinely appear in litigated matters with the firm.

The firm’s attorney are frequently called in by its carrier clients to conduct an Examination Under Oath (EUO) or otherwise work in matters involving potential fraud or in cases in which an insured’s acts or omission could form the basis for a valid disclaimer. Where coverage is being challenged, the firm is often retained to first provide the basis for disclaimer or a reservation of rights an where necessary, represent the carrier in a declaratory judgment action.