Aviation Defense


The aviation defense group draws upon the extensive multi-disciplinary litigation experience possessed by the attorneys of Sobel Pevzner, LLC. The firm’s attorneys have represented airlines, product manufacturers, general aviation operators, and insurers in catastrophic injury, wrongful death and products liability claims.

As is the case when the firm is called upon to defend other complex litigation, our attorneys approach Aviation Defense in a manner that emphasizes the client’s need to make an early assessment of the liability and damage issues so that a proper allocation of resources and both firm and client assets can be made. The firm’s attorneys have the competence and tools necessary to effectively and efficiently defend matters General Aviation matters arising out of fixed wing aircraft, flight schools, and the potential liability of maintenance workers, repairers and over haulers.

The best aviation defense often starts with pre-litigation counseling on matters involving best practices, standard operating procedures as well as early intervention following an accident including witness preparation for NTSB investigations and hearings. With the firm’s counsel, clients are empowered to make informed decisions as to the correct path to take, be it an aggressive defense to litigation, or alternative dispute or other form of early resolution.