Employment Practice Liability

For businesses large to small, employee claims are a reality. The attorneys of Sobel Pevzner, LLC who practice in this area of the law are well versed in the intricacies of litigation, be it in the State or Federal Courts, or in front of one of an administrative board such as the EEOC, NYSDHR, NYCCHR, and NJDCR. Many employers purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) as a risk management tool to address the rising probability of employee claims. Generally speaking, EPLI policies are designed to fill the gap in many business owner’s (BOP) or CGL policies. EPLI policies usually cover standard employment claims such as discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination.

Preparation for employments claims requires excellent communication between a client’s business departments, the executives who head them and their trusted counsel. The development of proper employment practices and policies can go a long way to minimizing the risk of a claim being made. However, once the inevitable claim is made it is only through an aggressive defense and collaboration between counsel, the EPLI carrier and the client that brings about a prompt evaluation of the potential claim and proper disposition of the litigation which follows.

Understanding the true cost of employment practices litigation and the real disruption it can cause to both management and a client’s other employees has fostered in the attorneys of Sobel Pevzner, LLC an ability to become true partners with their clients in developing effective compliance and risk avoidance procedures. When a claim is presented, prompt evaluation of the claim with the client and its EPLI carrier is crucial to the development of a cost effective defense and resolution strategy. Alternative dispute resolution is often utilized as a method of cost containment and early claims resolution. However, the experienced trial attorneys of Sobel Pevzner, LLC have all the necessary tools to defend the case at trial when it survives the myriad defenses initiated by the firm during the administrative or alternative dispute resolution processes.

Throughout the firm’s long history, we have defended cases based upon alleged discrimination based on race, national origin, age, disability, gender/sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, transgender, marital status, veteran status, and criminal background. The firm also has extensive experience in matters arising out of alleged breach of non-compete agreements, wage and hour violations and family and medical leave act claims.
Through close collaboration with the firm’s clients and their EPLI carriers, Sobel Pevzner, LLC becomes an invaluable partner able to recognize opportunities for early resolution while always being there to see a case through to verdict when necessary.