Pharmaceutical Liability

The Sobel Pevzner, LLC. has throughout its history represented prominent national pharmacies in a wide range of pharmaceutical based litigation. Claims often involve the alleged incorrect dispensing of prescription medication, improper or insufficient instructions or labeling or the contraindications to the administration of medications. In many instances medical malpractice is alleged against a prescribing physician as an element to such cases.

This creates a highly complex field of litigation that challenges all but the most experience litigators in this field. The attorneys of Sobel Pevzner, LLC., in conjunction with experts in the fields of oncology, pharmacology, biology and medicine provide their clients a defense which is without peer. The absence of true medical causation, intervening and superseding malpractice or the learned intermediary rule often form the basis for a successful defense in this area even in those instances where a technical error in the dispensing or labeling of a prescription is proven.

The firm’s attorneys often become involved in litigation involving non-prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications and minimally regulated health supplements. Every aspect of this practice area present unique challenges which the attorneys of the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. excel in meeting.