Automobile Liability

Our firm handles all aspects of automobile liability in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We assist our self-insured and insurance industry clients’ needs by providing effective and cost efficient services in the defense of third-party bodily injury claims, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, bad faith litigation, and first-party coverage issues. The attorneys at the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. have successfully defended countless claims on liability grounds. Even when liability has not been favorable, we have obtained outstanding results defending our clients on issues of causation and the applicable lawsuit thresholds.

The attorneys of the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. understand the need for prompt investigation and preservation of evidence as an essential element to a successful automobile liability defense. Cases involving low speed impacts, ever increasing in recent years get specific attention, especially when coupled with a race to surgery, so often employed by the plaintiff’s bar as a method of increasing case valuation. Through the judicious use of a client’s resources in the form of bio-mechanical and accident reconstruction, the firm has obtained defense verdicts in matters in which liability was conceded. Moreover, by creating questions as to causation even in cases of certain liability, the firm successfully minimizes exposure to adverse damage verdicts and through mediation or ADR, obtains consistently low settlements.