Hospitality and Liquor Liability

The attorneys at the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. have vigorously represented clients involved in every aspect of hospitality and liquor liability. Our client base includes restaurants, casinos, bars, hotels, and nightclubs. We have the experience and expertise to defend against claims arising under hospitality and liquor liability, including premises liability, franchise disputes, employment issues, licensing, licensing transfers,assaults, guest relations, and liquor liability.

Through our extensive handling of hospitality and liquor liability cases we have perfected successful defense strategies and techniques which allow us to effectively defend our clients in a diverse variety of litigation and facilitate favorable settlement agreements.

Cases brought within the arena of hospitality liability often combine claims of food liability, premises liability, commercial trucking and employee wrongdoing. This creates a complex web of issues typically presented in such cases. Only through years of working for the hospitality industry has the Sobel Pevzner, LLC. developed the tactics and techniques necessary to work through the often complicated matters where a claim is presented against a member of the hospitality industry.

So often, the lack of available insurance coverage for the truly responsible party forms the sole basis upon which a dram shop action is commenced. Oftentimes, a minimally insured automobile operator or the complete lack of available coverage will cause a plaintiff to look for coverage via a restaurant or bar owner’s liquor liability coverage. Many times, a client in this area will be unaware of the potential for a claim under a state’s dram shop statute until years after an accident occurred. Therefore the firm’s attorneys consistently counsel their clients to establish practices and procedures that are easily replicable and provable and thus, can be relied upon in the defense of a dram shop claim.