Estate Litigation and Mediation

Throughout his more than thirty years of practice, Curtis Sobel has established a strong reputation in the litigation of estates and trust matters.  Mr. Sobel and the firms associates actively engage in litigation involving contested wills and will construction proceedings,  trust reformation, contested powers of attorney, fraudulent transfers, contested accountings, claims of fiduciary and trustee impropriety, spousal rights proceedings, and actions to impress constructive trusts, claims of creditors and business partners as well as kinship proceedings, actions to quiet title all of which are ancillary to the firm’s estate litigation practice.

It goes without saying that estate litigation can be protracted, costly and can cause the destruction of family bonds which can last a lifetime.  An estate often brings the members of a decedent’s family together for the first time in matters involving finance and estate administration.  Not surprisingly, litigation often results where insufficient planning was done or solely as a result of the natural family interaction. Litigation of family disputes in the estate area is therefore extremely challenging and the firm oftentimes offers its services to its clients in the framework of estate mediation.  Through mediation, costly litigation can be avoided while maintaining the integrity of the family unit.