Trucking & Transportation Liability

Throughout its more than twenty five (25) year history,  Sobel Pevzner, LLC and its predecessor firms have excelled in the representation of common and private carriers and their insurers in a wide array of matters involving commercial transportation liability claims and transportation related coverage disputes. The firm represents clients and their carriers in a wide variety of claims involving all manner of common and private carriers engaged in interstate trucking, waste hauling, taxi, limousine, shuttle and bus operators, rental vehicle fleets as well as ambulance and emergency transport. Sobel Pevzner’s lawyers have defended the interests of clients in the transportation arena in actions arising out of personal injury, cargo, environmental, indemnification and insurance coverage issues. The modern day requirements of hazardous material transport have been met by cross-training among the firms’ members in areas of environmental and toxic tort liability.

From its inception, Sobel Pevzner grew through the representation of many clients in a multitude of various liability arenas, including commercial transportation, which have been self-insured or who have been required to increase their self-insured retention. Members of the firm have always been keenly aware of the interplay between the cost of defense and indemnity as well as their applicability to each specific claim.  We believe that factoring the ultimate expense of the disposition of a claim must always consider both the defense costs and disposition costs to a self insured client.  Sobel Pevzner takes great pride in its long term relationships with clients that heavily self-insure, and the fact that said relationships continue to this day due to our commitment to minimizing defense costs while providing our clients with the aggressive and competent defense they have come to expect from our firm.

Wherever and whenever needed, the Sobel Pevzner’s emergency response team is on call to respond to calls from clients or insurers regarding a catastrophic loss or any other significant accident requiring an immediate response from our team. Our firm’s transportation lawyers are prepared to go to the scene of an accident, direct investigation, mitigate the initial loss, preserve evidence and do all the necessary work up while communicating with the client or insurer to ensure that our efforts are in accordance with our client’s specific needs. Sobel Pevzner’s lawyers are also prepared to continue to monitor and handle such matters from the point of the emergency response through the successful culmination of any suit that may arise from a catastrophic loss or any other event requiring an emergency response.