Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


In the last ten to fifteen years, mediation and arbitration (ADR)  has gained a significant place in a litigation firm’s arsenal of tools to wield on behalf of its clients.  While the ability to aggressively take a case to trial should never be minimized and the firm of Sobel Pevzner, LLC is always prepared to take a verdict on behalf of its clients as it has in countless instances; the firm’s attorneys also recognize that ADR is often the most efficient and effective manner to both minimize risk and bring about an early cost effective resolution to a matter, whether it be in suit or not.

Accordingly, the firm’s attorneys have developed extensive experience in identifying cases at an early stage of litigation or when not in suit yet, that warrant ADR.  ADR can take many forms and the firm’s attorneys are highly creative in working with the client to determine the best form of ADR to be utilized; be it mediation, arbitration, hi-lo trial parameters, or even a summary jury trial with parameters.  Where a client seeks to bring about a significant adjustment to pending litigation figures, the firm has successfully conducted settlement days where by phone or in person ADR, numerous claims and suits are evaluated and oftentimes resolved prior to the incursion of significant defense costs.

Alternative dispute resolution spans all of the firm’s practice areas from personal injury litigation and estate litigation to complex commercial matters.  By balancing their ability to aggressively litigate a case with the need for early resolution of litigation, the firm brings its unique approach to managing a client’s risk and maintaining consistently low loss ratios.