Handle Your Food Liability Carefully

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With foodborne illnesses affecting 48 million Americans and causing 3,000 deaths annually, retailers must rigorously protect themselves from liability. By Curtis Sobel In 1906, Upton Sinclair authored one of the great American novels: “The Jungle.” Although he intended to tell the story of an immigrant family working in the Chicago meatpacking industry, what truly caught… Read more »

NYS Highest Court Strikes Down ERISA Lien Rights

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New York’s General Obligations Law § 5-335 (hereinafter § 5-335) limits reimbursements and subrogation claims in personal injury and wrongful death actions. This statute was enacted in 2009 to protect plaintiffs from liens, reimbursement, and subrogation claims of insurers.The statute states that “[n]o person entering into such a settlement shall be subject to a subrogation… Read more »

When to Call in the Legal Experts for Help

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By Curtis Sobel Most lawyers will advise against engaging in any act – from ordering a la carte in a local restaurant to merging multi-national corporations – without first consulting counsel. Conversely, do-it-yourself (DIY) legal websites would seemingly advocate self-representation in all but the most complex matters. As an attorney who has practiced for and… Read more »